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Bill Belichick on Patriotic Depth: This is the year we adjusted our spending

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The Patriots are not the team they’ve been with for most of the past two decades, and coach Bill Belichick says that is partly a result of the salary limit.

Although the Patriots currently have a lot of limited space, Belichick notes that early in the season they didn’t do so and that limits the amount of money they can spend in the freelance agency.

“We play many younger players than we have played in the past,” Belichick said, through ESPN’s Mike Reiss. “A combination of many reasons. We have invested quite a bit in our team over the past few years. From a wage limit standpoint, we don’t have a lot of flexibility. I think that is evident in the Cam Newton contract. After that, we had some opt-out options, so we lost some players there that would normally give us a considerable amount of playing time. And then like every year, a few guys got beaten up and we missed out on some guys here and there in certain games. I think when you put it all together, there’s a chance there and part of that chance belongs to the younger players. Again, given our limited situation in this particular year, which is the year we took, I would say, adjusting our limit from the amount of spend we had in accumulation of previous years. We just can’t get as deep in our list as we have in a number of other years. “

Even if the market cap is expected to drop by around $ 20 million next year, the Patriots project is in good shape. So while other teams are feeling tough by 2021, the Patriots will be able to recover from a tumultuous 2020 year.

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