With a majority of the vote in Michigan, the two major races have been called Wednesday nights. Joe Biden won the presidential election in the state, giving him 16 key Electoral College votes, while US Senator Gary Peters nearly defeated challenger John James.

AP: Michigan voters are bitter about national status

According to an expanded AP survey of US voters, Michigan voters favored Democrat Joe Biden 16 electoral votes because they have negative views on the direction and economy of country.

When voters completed a decision between Presidents Donald Trump and Biden for a year turned upside down by the global pandemic and economic recession, AP VoteCast found that 2 out of 5 Michigan voters said the United States was going. in the right direction and 3 out of 5 say they are leading. wrong direction.

The AP on Wednesday phoned Michigan for the former vice president.

Below is a snapshot of who voted and what’s important to them, based on preliminary results from AP VoteCast, a nationwide survey of about 127,000 voters and non-voters – including 3,571. voters and 955 non-voting in Michigan – done for the Associated Press by NORC at the University of Chicago.

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John Seewer, Associated Press

The Fouts mayor era lasted in Warren until sunset

In a clear admission they couldn’t stop electing Mayor Jim Fouts, Warren voters on Tuesday stopped themselves from doing so.

Voters in the state’s third largest city have fully approved a charter amendment stipulating that a mayor can only serve three, four, or 12-year terms, in office – like officials. the remaining elected municipalities.

Free Press’s Christina Hall reports that the vote doesn’t affect Fouts now; He’s still the mayor, won it back last year. But it prevents the 78-year-old mayor, four times running for a fifth, four-year term in 2023 and beyond.

The question, put on ballot by Council, passed with almost 68% of the vote in Tuesday’s election. It was passed in every area of ​​the city, according to unofficial results.

Fouts frankly earlier said that the term limit measure meant the City Council had “declared war” on him. The Board last summer, in what they said was a budget tightening measure, also removed an executive admin position for the Fouts office which they said was not yet filled.

But Amanda Mika – who has worked for Fouts for almost a decade and has a relationship with the mayor was under public scrutiny after they secretly filmed hand-held videos on a suburban trip together – told the guild co in a public comment session following the June 30 vote that the disqualified position was held by her.

“This is a mix of censorship, retaliation, punishment, and basically political terrorism,” Fouts said at the time.

Two weeks before the 2019 election, a video was intentionally posted containing the audio of Fouts saying he wanted to shoot in the head of a former chief of staff and a friend. Fouts said at the time the sound was “produced” and “politically motivated”.

Fouts also denied the authenticity of recordings released in 2017, allegedly his, comparing African Americans to chimpanzees and using vulgar words to disparage older women. .

The front pages across Michigan reported Biden’s victory

Amy Huschka, Detroit Free Press

Why did the AP call Michigan for Biden

At the Free Press, we’re being extraordinarily careful when it comes to calling political races this year, largely based on the Associated Press.

Than: How the Free Press will cover the 2020 elections in this age of misinformation

So here’s an explanation from the widely reputed global news organization on how they do what they do when it comes to elections:

“Democrat Joe Biden won the election battlefield in Michigan, the third state President Donald Trump made in 2016 that the former vice president overturned. The victory in Biden narrows the path. Trump’s reelection.

“The AP news agency declared Biden the state winner at 5:56 p.m. EST Wednesday after analyzing the number of votes and the remaining votes would be tally. It showed that there were not enough left. Votes in regions leaning in favor of Republicans for Trump to catch Biden.

“Biden led 70,000 votes on Wednesday night, about 1.3 percentage points out of Trump. The votes are still counted from the overwhelming Democratic regions: Wayne County, home to Detroit; Grand Rapids Street, Michigan’s Second Big City; Genesee and Kalamazoo Counties.

“Michigan is one of the few battlefield states where Trump announced early Wednesday that he” won “the election with Biden. Both were locked in a tight race for the 270 grands. voters are needed to win the presidency, even though Trump’s path is narrowing. “

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Brian Slodysko, Associated Press

The Grosse Pointe school board results may mean that schools are closed

The fierce race for the Grosse Pointe School Board appears to have determined the fate of two elementary schools that were closed last year as a cost-cutting move.

Three candidates who argued that the shutdown was needed won board seats. The other two who pledged to reopen the school also won.

The race had 18 candidates looking for five seats and it went awry, complete with dark money advertisements, a candidate’s criticism and allegations of racism and legal violation. .

Than: Grosse Pointe voted to close two elementary schools

“This will be an interesting combination,” said Ahmed Ismail, who headed the table with 11,496 votes and wanted to reopen Charles A. Poupard and Robert Trombly elementary schools.

Runner-up Colleen Worden supported the shutdown and said it was time to move on. She and others have made it clear during their campaign that they do not want to cancel the reconfiguration plan passed last year, shut down two schools, and move fifth graders into middle schools.

“You have to look at the results of the election,” said Worden. “Voters have spoken.”

Whitmer congratulated Biden on winning Michigan

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer congratulated Democrat Joe Biden late on Wednesday for winning Michigan in the national presidential election that was still too close to call.

Whitmer, co-chair of Biden’s presidential campaign against Republican President Donald Trump, said: “Everyone has spoken, and with the election behind us, now is the time for the country we move together.

Than: Whitmer congratulated Biden on victory over Michigan, calling for unity against the coronavirus

“We have a common enemy, and that is COVID-19, not another enemy. This pandemic devastated our country, infecting more than 190,000 people and taking the lives of more than 7,400 Michigandans. As governor, I am willing to work with the president and our State Legislature on areas where we can find common ground to keep our state safe. “

Paul Egan, Detroit Free Press

Peter Meijer defeated Hillary Scholten in western Michigan parliamentary elections

In western Michigan, a Republican is being sent to Congress after Peter Meijer defeated Hillary Scholten in a race to enter the District 3 Congress.

Scholten and Meijer vied for the seat that was being vacated by Rep. Justin Amash, a former Republican who abandoned the party and voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

Peters defeated James in the race to enter the US Senate, winning the reelection

US Sen. Gary Peters defeated challenger John James on Wednesday night, winning re-election for a second six-year term. It was his absentee votes that put him in the lead. It was a close race, with James leading the way throughout most of Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Associated Press and many media outlets, including CNN, called the Peters race.

Joe Biden defeats Michigan

Democratic candidate Joe Biden won Michigan, giving him 16 key Electoral College votes.

The AP news agency called the Michigan race. With the call, Biden held 264-214 position in the Electoral College and needed another state to win the presidency.

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