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Biden is supported by young black American youth on the road to victory | US News

Joe Biden almost gave up the race to become the Democratic presidential candidate this year after some disappointing results in early voting states – until black voters in South Carolina helped him out win resounding.

And while the race between Biden and Donald Trump was still too close to call on Thursday night, it seems black Americans have once again stepped up support for Democrats, especially in battleground states. key sectors include Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The record number of African-American voters who voted could be the difference between winning Biden and losing Biden.

“What are we all about againAntjuan Seawright, a Democrat strategist in South Carolina, said: -larning, both the experts in DC and the tireless Black voters, is our net worth as we are. vote Box. “Even when we are depressed, depressed or misinformed, we still show up.”


According to poll data, Black voters overwhelmed the Democratic candidate Donald Trump’s amplitude of 87% to 12%. But Seawright has “said that Black voters will decide the election since 2017,” predicting South Carolina’s staunch Black moderates will ultimately bring Biden to victory in February of the state. Primary democracy.

With ballots still being counted, incoming or outgoing votes from Democratic-leaning counties, most of which have a large Black population, is likely the deciding factor in who becomes president America followed, amplifying the power of black voters.

Analysts identified an increase in voter turnout among young people of all races, but especially black Americans.

Early voting data showed young people joining in record numbers, and with four out of 10 black voters qualified as millennials or from generation Z, the push in centers Cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta and Detroit were crucial to Biden.

“Every big movement in this country is driven by young people and Blacks on the front lines define what change will look like,” Seawright said. “This election will be defined as a movement election for the test in America.”

As racial justice protests flared across the country this summer following the murder of George Floyd by the Minnesota police in May – then hastened with the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in May 8 – Americans sided largely on racial boundaries.

Mahnker Dahnweih, an organizer of Freedom Inc, received word that Wisconsin had been calling Joe Biden, on Wednesday.

Mahnker Dahnweih, an organizer of Freedom Inc, received word that Wisconsin had been called to Joe Biden, on Wednesday. Photo: Bing Guan / Reuters

Trump and Republican members have taken notice, capitalizing on existing racial tensions and embracing lingering fears of some conservatives about a less whiter America where people of color will soon be. make up the majority of the US population.

“[Trump] made a conscious decision to be an enemy of the entire movement for blacks’ lives, using its powers and judiciary not just to justify law enforcement responsibility it is also aimed at the people in the movement, ”said David Bowen, Wisconsin representative.

“[Young people are] Here, their voices are heard and the power of their vote feels in a president who has set goals from them, ”he added.

In Milwaukee, young men and women registered to vote for the first time prevailed in the number of voters who cast their ballots at most empty polling stations on election day, as black Americans were more likely to use method of early voting or nationwide mailing.

Brianna is twenty years old – who doesn’t wants her surname published – pick up her aunt outside her home in their north community and “pull her out so her voice can be heard”, noting that women Blacks will be the deal breakers in the race.

“I’ve voted before but this is my aunt’s first time,” she said, forwarding that she voted for Biden. “For me, both sides provide lip service to us and are not really interested in our problem but I had to use my ballot in some way to request a change of comparison. with the present. “

As one of the nation’s most racially segregated regions, Milwaukee can be described as a microcosm for the United States. Across the country, that stark racial divide manifests itself as free cities painted in dark green districts, but surrounded by magenta suburban districts.

No president in modern history has won the general election just by winning a majority of white voters – diversity has always been a necessity. But since the founding of the Black Lives Matter, and parallel social justice organizations, activists have put pressure on Democrats to push for bold changes to the party’s platform.

The protests many groups have led since May are also turning into newly registered voters, increasing political power and global popularity.

“For all the things that have been counted, the forgotten, the marginalized and the left sides pushed. This is our moment. That’s how we build political revolution, ”Cori Bush, a community organizer and Black Lives Matter activist, tweeted as his winning speech.

Bush won the race for the US House of Representatives seat in Missouri on Tuesday. After two previous attempts, she became the first black woman to represent the state in Congress.

But support for the Democratic Party has decreased in the number of Black voters, and young black Americans are defecting most. A survey from the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies found that “young black Americans tend to view Democrats less favorably – and Republicans more favorably – compared to their former peers ”.

Biden has experienced hiccups in flirting with Black voters throughout the electoral cycle, facing criticism for questioning Blacks of non-supporters, as well as tissue. describes Black communities less diverse than their Latino communities.

Bowen insists young voters eventually backed Biden as “a down payment for a bigger goal in the future”.

“Many people see Biden as a door, not a destination,” he said. “We won’t see it in an electoral cycle or through a level of government, but this understands that we are on a trajectory of the justice we want to see.”

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