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Biden, Harris barnstorm Pennsylvania, plays for Ohio the day before the election

Speaking on a chilly night at Heinz Field, Biden noted that he had arrived in full. His first campaign stop after he announced his candidacy a year and a half ago was in western Pennsylvania.

“Now is my last stop before Election Day – because you represent the backbone of this country,” Biden, 77, told the crowd at his final event of the day, a Pittsburgh car rally with pop star Lady Gaga. “Hard-working families ask for nothing but a good and even chance. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things ”.

The Biden campaign hurricane in the State of Keystone was an attempt to leave no geographic or demographic area in a battlefield where both candidates have spent considerable time and resources in recent weeks. Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, visited western Pennsylvania with events targeting union workers, labor leaders, African-Americans, suburban women and rural voters. Meanwhile, Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff, focus on the eastern region of the state, with events targeting Latino voters, veterans, students and farmers.

Throughout the day, Biden chatted hard against the president, at one point calling Trump a “loser”

; who looked down on military families and who “refused to do the job”. to help working-class Americans. He also called Trump a “blunt disgrace” for the false claim that doctors were making more money from coronavirus patients.

“Time for Donald Trump to pack up and go home!” Biden says to open his Pittsburgh rally. “We have settled the chaos. We have tackled the racism issue and we are done with tweets, anger, failure, irresponsibility. ”

“Honk if you think it’s a bunch of bastards! He’s lying! ”Biden shouted, as whistles rang throughout the parking lot in Heinz Field.

Eileen Elicker, 67, drove with four friends to the Pittsburgh rally from Westmoreland County. Neither of them expected Biden to win their district – “We live in a very Trump area,” said Elicker – but they say they are sure Democrats will be rewarded with more votes than Hillary Clinton. 2016 candidate Kathy Breen, 61, a retired nurse, said: “There are more people for him than ever for Hillary.

“It’s too much,” Andrea Heinle, 69, said of Trump’s rhetoric. “Those are divided families. The anxiety of this election. We just want it to end. ”

The crowd, especially the hundreds of students and local residents, supported as Lady Gaga called for a massive vote effort. Some people spun “Terrible Towels,” a special kind of Pittsburgh Steelers device, and the drivers, in Biden-branded cars and even the colloquial “Yinzer for Biden” banner, blow the trumpet for appreciation.

“We all knew this could fall in Pennsylvania,” said the entertainer. “Vote as your life depends on it. Vote like your children’s lives depend on it ”.

She finished the night with ‘Shallow’ and ‘You and I’ performances, taking off her gloves as she sat down at the piano. “Gloves are out, because this is a fight! It is a war for what you believe. This is a war for what you stand for, and you know what? This is not politics. This is not red or blue. This is about people. This is about the heart. ”

Sanzia Pearman and Marguerite Reed, both 18-year-old musical students at Point Park University in downtown Pittsburgh, said they voted by mail but hoped to gain support by rallying to Biden. Pandemic coronavirus, racial justice and a lot of other issues are at stake in this election, Pearman said.

“The level of anxiety is very high. Not just here, but all over the world. My family is from Bermuda. This election is much bigger than America alone, ”she said.

Shauna Stack, 41, drove with her daughter Brenna Firmi from Johnston, Ohio, standing in the cold to hear one of Biden’s last campaign speeches.

“I feel it in my heart. Our country cannot last for four more years, ”says Stack. “I keep asking: How did we get here? How Have we been here yet? ”

Biden’s first stop on Monday was an opening match in Beaver County, just outside Pittsburgh, where he spoke with supporters from unions representing plumbers, steelmakers, carpenters and fireman.

“These election stakes remind me of what my father used to say: ‘Joey, a job is more than just a paycheck. It is about dignity. Respect. Your place in the community. It’s that you can look your kid in the eye and say, “Darling, everything will be all right,” Biden told the crowd in Monaca. “It’s a lesson I will never forget – growing up in the hard working families of Scranton. But it’s a lesson that Donald Trump never learned because he can only see the world from Park Avenue.

As he did for months, Biden noted his message that Trump mismanaged a US response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed at least 230,000 Americans since February and devastated the economy. . Biden also introduced himself as the only candidate who could help unify the country after years of split from Trump.

“No matter how many times Trump tries to lie, I won’t ban fracking. I never said I would, ”Biden said in Monaca.

“I’ve been working in coal all my life. Begovic, 69, said, waiting for the rally to begin on the freezing cold night.

Begovic said he and his wife, Shirley, have blamed Trump for the coronavirus crisis. Begovic has lost a cousin and three friends to the virus – and has many friends who are sick.

“It was terrible,” said Shirley Begovic and added that both of them plan to vote directly on Tuesday. “We want our votes to count.”

Biden on Monday morning also began a last-minute trip to Cleveland in neighboring Ohio, where polls showed he was slightly behind Trump. However, the Biden campaign says it believes Bang Buckeye may be within reach.

There, Biden spoke at a driving rally, an event that had become a symbol of his pandemic-era campaign, at Burke Lakefront Airport.

He criticized Trump as “weak and chaotic with China in terms of trade,” and was someone who not only gave up trying to control the pandemic but threatened to fire Anthony S. Fauci, the leading infectious disease of the country. expert, as soon as the election ends.

“Please vote me, and I will hire Dr. Fauci! And I will fire Donald Trump! “Biden said. “… I will never surrender the white flag. We will defeat this virus and take control of it, I promise you. Look, the first step to defeating the virus is to defeat Donald Trump. ”

In contrast, Harris said on Monday morning that she would spend the day focusing on Biden, barely mentioning Trump’s name at her first stop in Luzerne, Pa.

“On the eve of the election, I’ll talk about Joe,” Harris said. “I won’t even talk about that guy. I don’t feel like talking about that guy.

Apart from a few mentions of “you know,” Harris has appreciated the president from his comments. Instead, she uses Biden’s life experience to explain why he holds his policy positions instead of why those positions are different from Trump.

“Pennsylvania knows his story better than anything else. Joe was hurt. Joe spent too much time in the hospital with the people he loved, ”Harris told the crowd, talking about the pandemic and the importance of leaders taking it seriously.

“Joe understands the importance and responsibility of our government in one of its core functions, which is concerned with the public health and well-being of the American people. That’s why he and President Obama are promoting the Affordable Care Act. ”

The stop was the first of many scheduled for Harris on Monday as Democrats cover Pennsylvania. She also spoke a campaigning event aimed at Latin-born voters in Bethlehem, Pa. Trump supporters greeted Harris when she got there, some standing and holding signs, others honking their horns on their cars. At both events, she avoids mentioning Trump by name, or even by title, only occasionally becoming “that guy”.

“You know Joe. Joe found it more difficult than most had to go through. Joe has suffered more losses than anyone has actually suffered, ”Harris said. “In the midst of any crisis he faces, he always sees a moment where hard work, determination, and faith can see you to see the opportunity of that moment. In terms of all these matters, that’s where he is. ”

Harris and Emhoff ended on Monday with a rally driving in Philadelphia with singers John Legend and Patti LaBelle, and rapper Common’s surprise arrival.

“The energy out there is real and it’s inspiring,” Harris told the crowd at Citizen Bank Park. “We can see what can be liberated by the past.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s campaign advisers sought to reassure supporters on Monday afternoon that Democrats had multiple paths to victory – including one they described as “easy most ”- won in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“We believe we have good positions in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. We know specifically those states will arrive later, but we think we’ll win those states. It’s the clearest path for us to win, ”campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon said in a public press conference about what to expect on election night.

Biden’s last minute trip to Ohio was a sign of the campaign that the state could work if they were to simply drive voters to vote, she added.

O’Malley Dillon also warned that Trump would try to declare himself the winner of election night soon before all the votes are checked. Those statements should be ignored, she said.

“We’re not distracted about anything Donald Trump will try to throw out there,” she said.

During the press conference, Biden’s campaign advisor Bob Bauer also urged people to call the campaign hotline and notify law enforcement if they witness acts of intimidation or suppression. voters from Trump supporters on Election Day.

“This will not be tolerated,” said Bauer. “And we will work with law enforcement to make sure our voters are protected and that the process is protected.”

Looking to make inroads into another battlefield state that the campaign is supposed to turn around for Biden this year, former President Barack Obama staged a drive rally in Atlanta on Monday afternoon.

In a speech lasting nearly 40 minutes, Obama condemned Trump and two of the state’s Republican senators, citing the late John Lewis (D-Ga.) And lecturing on empowerment, telling voters that they must change.

“I have a word for you, Atlanta: Tomorrow,” Obama told the crowd gathered outside the former Atlanta Braves stadium. “Tomorrow, after four years of failures, you have the power to change America.”

“But you’ll have to vote,” he added.

Wang reports from Washington. Chelsea Janes in Washington and Reis Thebault in Atlanta contributed to this report.

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