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Beyond Light on PS4 right now, before launch

Destiny 2’s upcoming update to Beyond Light is a wild one. It’s not just adding an expansion to the game, but also removing five major areas and changing a lot of things in the backend to reduce the overall size of the game before the next-generation launch.

If you read TWAB carefully, you̵

7;ll know that on at least one platform you can start by downloading over 60 GB of the full reinstallation of the game required to launch Beyond Light. You won’t have to wait until the night before and pray there’s nothing wrong with you sleeping.

At least on PS4.

Last night, Bungie allowed PS Plus users to begin downloading a full update to the game two days before its launch. I checked this morning and yes, I can download the update which, for me, has a 59 GB download speed for a final file size of 70 GB, a significant decrease from over 100 GB before.

Bungie says you can only install this if you have auto-update enabled, as they try to offload the server by letting PS Plus users go early. I have that, but I can also activate this after booting by hovering over the game and doing “Check for updates”, this is how you normally download patches manually. if automatic update does not start. So you can try that. If you don’t have it, there’s probably another hit that will launch at 11 p.m. ET tonight.

I believe What’s happening is that this is adding a new version of the game without completely deleting the old version of the game, which is why the total space required for installation is 170 GB on PS4. Like after this patch, you can still go to all archway destinations still in the game. But on Tuesday, they will be deleted and that is no more. (Update: While you can download the patch now, it looks like it won’t get installed until 11pm tomorrow ET)

So what if you’re not a PS4?

Xbox players could download the update on Monday night after the server went offline at around 10 p.m. ET. Although if you are getting Series X and it won’t arrive the next day… then this won’t be very helpful.

PC players will find an update that resembles a Steam update that is usually queued up after the server goes down at 10 p.m. ET.

PS4 players are prompted Not to remove the game, even if it is technically being downloaded and replaced, as this will ruin the process.

And I will remind everyone that we are still predicting some sort of live event tomorrow night, possibly starting at 7pm ET after players are forced to download a small, yes as late as 10 p.m. ET when the server is down. I don’t know if it lasts three hours or thirty seconds, but it’s in the Tower, so get ready to hang out there for a while.

I’ll log in after this update to see if there’s anything different, but I don’t imagine how it will be and this is just a preload for what’s to come. Download the update for yourself for a good start, otherwise you have to wait until tomorrow night for other platforms. Beyond Light launches officially at 12 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 10.

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