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Best sunrise alarm clock and sunrise clock 2020

The New Year’s Eve of November brings Halloween, the time of daylight saving ends, the last days before the 2020 election, the incidence of Covid’s disease is increasing and temperatures falling across the country. Slightly different and somewhat intertwined, this mixture of circumstances can take many people to darker places, both literally and emotionally. And while anyone might feel reasonably sad these days for any of the above reasons – or a combination of them – winter alone has an impact on anyone who gets sick. seasonal emotional disorder (SAD), a serious depression that lasts more than two weeks.

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MOVE FORWARD Best sunrise clock

In fact, the coronavirus pandemic in some ways leveled the playing field for those accustomed to dealing with SAD each winter and those who are doing their best to adjust to the new reality. Despite that, experts agree that insomnia is on the rise with the pandemic, causing many problems for anyone affected, whatever the reason. To help fight the onset of SAD, depression, mood swings, or just general faintness, some medical experts recommend light therapy of a variety of shapes and sizes. Since that term closely resembles the so-called sunrise sundial, which has garnered increasing attention from our readers in recent weeks, we have looked at what it entails to buy one. .

Sunrise clock ̵

1; which one not considered a phototherapy product – Aim to simulate a sunrise, sunset or both to help you get better and deeper sleep. Should you get a sunrise alarm clock? We have consulted with medical experts about what these devices – available from brands like Philips, Amazon, Casper and others – can do for you as well as what they do. can not.

Sunrise clock for better sleep

Seema Khosla, MD, medical director of the North Dakota Sleep Center, explains: “The beauty of sunrise clocks is that they can help you achieve” gentle awakening. ” What does it mean? The body’s circadian rhythm is an internal mechanism that regulates various processes during any given day or 24-hour cycle, a notable of which is the sleep-wake cycle. Gentle awakening is a healthy way to derive from sleep.

The sunrise clock and sleep tracking aim to help you wake up at the right time of your body, that’s when you’ve reached the optimal time to leave the sleep state and enter the waking state. Interrupting that rhythm can push you to sleep problems or insomnia, which can significantly affect your health, from weight gain, mood swings to lack of alertness and even loss of memory.

If you are the person who needs 12 alarms to wake up, the light will not work.

Seema Khosla, MD, medical director of the North Dakota Center for Sleep

So how does a sunrise clock help? It lights up your space gradually and slowly over time, allowing your body to respond to this “natural” light and wake up in parallel instead of being startled out of sleep by the bell ringing. The alarm beeps or vibrates obnoxious, explains Khosla, the American host. Academy Sleep Medicine Technology Committee. In fact, Kohsla presented a conference session during the 2020 Sleep Conference on consumer sleep technology. She believes that a sundial is great if properly operated and along with other healthy sleep behaviors, like eating properly, exercising, putting phone away before bed, and trying to turn it off. screen completely before that point.

“People looking for things like this are appealing” to their sleeping environment, a positive sign, Kohsla noted. “Can we marry it for better sleep hygiene?” An easy step in that direction? Khosla recommends timing your sunrise clock “appropriately”, counting down against the ideal wake-up time to make sure you get enough sleep. Even then, a sunrise clock is not for everyone. “If you’re someone who needs 12 alarms to wake up, the light won’t work,” Khosla said, noting that the lights aren’t a magic recipe and added that she personally likes them, for example, ” But it won’t work my child. “

Best sunrise clocks to consider

1. Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light

The highly acclaimed sunrise sundial from Philips is designed to help you get better sleep habits over time, using a combination of lights and sounds. The connected app will allow you to customize your selected sunset and sunrise times, while the screen automatically dims and its sensors will also monitor your bedroom environment. The built-in nighttime breathing module uses light to guide you to sleep – and the device charges your phone too. It also syncs and allows the Philips SleepMapper app to document and get feedback on some of your sleep behaviors. Philips SmartSleep includes two other models: Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light have slightly lower light intensity (310 Lux vs 315) and will not support SleepMapper. Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light clocked light intensity at 300 Lux and reduced apps, as well as built-in sound and charging capabilities.

2. Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 wake up light alarm clock

Priced similarly to the Philips option, this sunrise watch from Lumie lets you wake up gradually anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes. You can then customize the final intensity of the light. Like the Philips model, it includes a built-in alarm, sound to add light to keep you awake, the screen dim and the snooze button. Its similar models also reduce features for a discount. The Bodyclock Rise 100 loses radio and alarm functions while the Bodyclock Glow 150 includes a wake-up sound and allows for a more flexible wake-up time.

3. Recover Hatch Sound Machine and Smart Light

The stylish Hatch Restore sundeck gives you a more streamlined route to a personalized sleep-wake cycle. With various sounds including white noise, you can customize the lighting and sound arrangements for sleep, and of course its wake function in the morning. You can connect to your device via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Different lighting styles include a wide range of options, from Warm White to Peach and Raspberry, and the simple interface lets you paste the illuminated dome to kick off your sleep routine. Recovery includes clock and other sleep forwarding functions in the companion app. The brand’s baby-oriented sunrise watch, the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, is a stripped-down version of the Recovery (and similarly priced lower).

4. Afterglow from Casper

This premium night light has fewer alarm clocks and more daytime and night lights, but its offering is directly related to better sleep. Designed to carry around if needed, the Casper app will let you schedule a light when the light is on in the morning to help you wake up, but no sound comes out from there. You can screw it on the base to determine its brightness and you can lift it off the base to light up the midnight snack path – Casper promises it’s also durable enough to last in “bumps. daily”. It also has a beautifully designed construction, so will look good on a nightstand if you prioritize that kind of thing.

Sunrise clock and light therapy

While there is a clear link between sunrise clocks and light-centered functions aimed at creating better sleep habits, light therapy doesn’t put them into its orbit. Instead, light therapy involves spending time each day next to a light box designed to mimic outdoor lighting, which is “important for regulating your sleep and wake cycles. ”, According to the Sleep Foundation.

HappyLight touch with color and brightness control

Light therapy includes products like this HappyLight, which emit 10,000 lux intensity units, which are exponentially higher than the sunrise clocks. And that 10,000 lux isn’t a mistake but it’s “the recommended amount to make a difference in your energy and mood levels,” said Ronnie Koenig of NBC BETTER, who tried HappyLight. “While HappyLight won’t immediately fall in love with winter, I find that when used in conjunction with proper nutritional habits, healthy exercise, socializing with friends and family and just Simply going out, it helped make the gray days bearable, ”Koenig concluded.

Other Shopping Tips and Suggestions

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