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Best smartwatches, fitness trackers, and wearables as gifts

For someone who has never owned a smartwatch, the Watch SE would be an interesting introduction to this category. Plus, with Apple’s new Family Setup tool, your parent or kids don’t even need to own an iPhone to be able to use the Watch SE – just use your own iPhone once to get set up. it is for them. If you have more room on your budget, the Series 6 brings blood oxygen monitoring and electrocardiograms, which health obsessives will appreciate.

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1; $ 279 Buy the Apple Watch SE at Walmart – $ 279

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Holiday gift guide: Samsung Watch 3

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For Android fans, there is no better smartwatch than the Galaxy Watch 3. It uses Samsung’s intuitive Tizen operating system and has a thin rotating bezel, we’ve found this to be the best way to match it. cooperation with smart watches. Watch 3 offers a suite of health monitoring tools like an electrocardiogram, fall detection, blood oxygen sensor and sleep monitoring that uses your heart rate to find out where you sleep. Your trustee can also use it to send and reply to messages, record food and water intake, and track their fitness progress.

The Watch 3 is a bit bulky though, so if your loved one might prefer something smaller, consider the Galaxy Watch Active 2 instead. It offers many of the same features in a thinner, lighter and cheaper chassis. But note that here the convenient rotating bezel has been replaced with a touch bezel, so if easy navigation is a top priority, stick with the Watch 3.

Buy a Galaxy Watch 3 at Amazon – $ 339 Buy a Galaxy Watch 3 at Walmart – $ 339

Fitbit Sense

Holiday gift guide: Fitbit Sense

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The most useful thing about wearables is its ability to track your overall health, and the watch with the most powerful set of fitness tracking tools is the Fitbit Sense. In addition to features like sleep monitoring and blood oxygen, Sense also senses your skin temperature and electrical activity. It uses this data to understand your body’s response to stress and help detect when you could have a fever.

While Fitbit’s operating system doesn’t have the full capabilities of Apple or even Samsung, it does have the edge when it comes to fitness tracking. If your loved one is not technically savvy and specializes in analyzing their indicators, this wearable will provide all the physiological data they might want. Just remember to remind them that the device is not intended for medical purposes and that they should still see a doctor when there is a problem.

Buy Fitbit Sense at Amazon – $ 330 Buy Fitbit Sense at Walmart – $ 330

Garmin Vivomove HR

Holiday gift guide: Garmin Vivomove HR

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For those who prefer a more traditional aesthetic, a hybrid smartwatch is a great choice. There are plenty of brands to choose from like Withings, Timex or Fossil, but we recommend the Garmin Vivomove HR because of its comprehensive feature set and attractive design. It offers continuous heart rate monitoring, stress and sleep monitoring, music controls, and a refined touchscreen on traditional watch faces. This dashboard displays your trustee’s steps, calories, heart rate, and VO2Max, as well as message alerts, and more.

Since it works so much, the Vivomove HR will only last five days in smart mode, but it will last for two weeks with the time indicator hand. This is one of the best looking hybrid timepieces out there today with lots of customization options, so it’s easy to find a style that the fashion industry on your list will love.

Buy Vivomove HR at Amazon – $ 165 Buy Vivomove HR at Walmart – $ 120

Fossil Gen 5 Watch

Holiday Gift Guide: Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch


Fashion firms are one of the largest smartwatch manufacturers, often using classic watches with Google’s limited Wear OS operating system to offer connected versions that customers love. . If you’re shopping for someone who loves brands like Michael Kors, Skagen and Kate Spade, you’ll easily find a smartwatch from each brand. However, out of all the smartwatches that parent company Fossil offers in its portfolio of designers, the Fossil Gen 5 series offers the best set of features. It combines Google’s software with some Fossil-specific tweaks for improved battery life and some additional health and activity tracking tools.

Fossil’s watches also tend to be much nicer than their rivals. You’ll be able to choose from two main Gen 5 styles for your loved one, and several case and strap finishing options for each. For more style and size options, consider the Gen 5e series, which offers similar features in more colors and cases. While Wear OS isn’t the best smartwatch system right now, it’s a good introduction to wearable technology, especially for those who don’t need their watch to do more. is letting them know what alert they’ve received on their phone.

Buying the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch starts at $ 179

Fitbit Inspire 2

Holiday guide: Fitbit Inspire 2

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When most people hear the word “fitness tracker,” they can picture a Fitbit band. No surprise, as the company has pioneered this field and offers some of the best equipment. The Inspire 2 is this year’s update to the company’s popular line of low-profile fitness bands, and it delivers a brighter display along with 10-day longer battery life. Plus, it provides a continuous heart rate monitor, allowing it to understand what sleeping zone the person you think is in when they put the device on.

They can also wear it in the pool to track laps and use the Fitbit app to track their menstrual cycle. The Inspire 2 doesn’t have built-in GPS, so your friends will need to bring their phones with them to map their tracks. But for the price, the Inspire 2 is a solid choice for those who prefer the delicate look of a bracelet or wristband.

Buy Inspire 2 at Amazon – $ 100 Buy Inspire 2 at Walmart – $ 100

Google x Samsonite Konnect-i smart backpack

Holiday Gift Guide: Google x Samsonite Konnect-i Smart Backpack


Lately none of us travel that much, but backpacks are still a reasonable investment, especially for students, hikers and cyclists on your list. Samsonite’s Konnect-i bag features inductive threads woven into the left strap to provide Google’s Jacquard technology so your loved one can control their music or receive notifications without having to pick up the phone. out. You can customize the gestures’ functionality – swiping up, for example, can skip a song or pin a location.

The backpack itself offers plenty of pockets and compartments and is sturdy enough to tuck in a locker or under an airplane seat (whenever we have to get around them) – without having to worry about cracking precious cargo your price. In addition, it will accommodate laptops as large as 15.6 inches and can keep your belongings dry with the help of waterproof fabric. And you won’t have to worry about your giver’s use of iOS or Android – Konnect-i plays well with both. All told, the variety of functions available here makes the smart backpack a little more useful than in headphones.

Buy the Konnect-i smart backpack at Samsonite – $ 200

Snap Spectacles 3

The holiday gift guide: Snap Spectacles 3


We all know who always shoot videos for Instagram Stories, TikTok or Snapchat. Snap Spectacles 3 is perfect for influencers who want to be on your list, as it makes capturing hands-free first-person videos incredibly easy. With a single tap of the frames, they’ll be able to record a 10-second video clip or take snapshots by long pressing. While they’ll need to use the Snapchat app to set up and download their footage, your friends can share their clips with whatever social media they like.

Spectacles’ quirky aesthetic may not appeal to everyone, but it certainly makes for eye-catching selfies. And you don’t have to worry about your gift being used to record you without your knowledge. The glass has an LED ring above the lens that lights up while it’s rotating, so you’ll know if you’re spinning.

Buy Snap Spectacles 3 – $ 380

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