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Baltimore Ravens WR Marquise Brown deleted important tweets about the game

OWINGS MILLS, Md. – Baltimore Ravens Marquise “Hollywood” Brown’s ball recipient, deleted an important post about the game after coach John Harbaugh texted him about it.

Brown was frustrated about being targeted at the lowest goal of his career twice in the 28-24 defeat to Pittsburgh Steelers. He vented his frustration an hour after the match by tweeting: “What good does it do you have souljas when you never use them (Never !!)”

Harbaugh reached out to Brown, and the tweet was deleted Sunday night.

“I promise you, we’re trying to use all of our guys; he knows that,” Harbaugh said on Monday. “[He’s] Probably a bit disappointing, but he’s not a selfish guy. I don’t believe he’s in for a second. If it was him, he wouldn’t play hard or be a good guy he stayed around the building every day. So I trust him a lot, and for him taking it down, I appreciate that. “

Brown, who was selected in the first round from a year ago, caught a 3-yard touch ball from Lamar Jackson in Sunday’s only reception. He leads Raven this season with 27 catches, but his 379 yards receive a 33rd NFL rating.

This is a disappointing start for Brown, who has been in high demand after a year of foot surgery. He’s gained 23 pounds this season and worked with his cousin and generous former All-Pro recipient Antonio Brown.

Harbaugh said he hasn’t spoken to Brown since Monday.

“I’ll tell you this, he played the game as a soldier,” Harbaugh said. “He’s been fighting really hard out there – blocking and running routes and obviously having a big touch of the ball [and] almost another one right before that. So I like the way he fights. I don’t agree with that fact if he says he is a soldier. “

Jackson and the Raven have struggled to get their game on track. Baltimore is passing an average of 179.9 yards per game, ranking 31st in the NFL.

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