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Author Dalvin Cook performed his masterpiece in the Viking Minnesota’s victory over the Detroit Lions

MINNEAPOLIS – Dalvin Cook pulled past the NFL rushed lead and got one more day of play in Minnesota Vikings’ 34-20 win over the Detroit Lions.

The day is of special significance for the fourth year running back to do just that against the future Hall of Famer and the player he replaced in Minnesota after he was included in the second round in 2017.

With Adrian Peterson in hand, Cook dashed 206 yards – career high – and touched the ball twice at 22 shots and captured two passes in 46 yards, establishing a new personal record for the training ground with 252. Cook reached the peak of his previous career (226 yards) last week in a win against Green Bay.

“It meant a lot to me,”

; Cook said of Peterson’s presence on his big day. “A guy did it before me and wore the shoes that I wore, just a few years ago. That meant a lot. When I joined the army, I really didn’t know what to do. I thought I would become a guy who just came and played after Adrian.But they asked me to come play immediately, and I have to be ready.I was just a kid; didn’t know. Just to play on with Adrian, it’s always a blessing for me to be soaked in it. “

Last week, Peterson called Cook “a deadly weapon”, a compliment the Viking star showed in successive victories for a Minnesota team (3-5) that was unexpectedly getting closer. The hunt for one of the ultimate playoff spots in NFC.

“Deadly weapon, yes, that makes me feel great,” Cook said. “Like I said, I can’t say enough about him. We can sit here and I can tell you a lot about him, how I feel about him. I am just, if he is. He heard this or not, I’m glad I got the chance to see him grow up as a child.To see, it’s something special for me. He doesn’t know he took pictures how enjoy my career as a child I appreciate him for everything.Just for being my brother for anything. All day, just keep on being friend, buddy , and I appreciate it. “

Despite missing 1.5 games after a groin injury in Seattle in Week 5, Cook now leads the NFL in high speed with 858 yards and 10 times the fastest TD in the tournament. In his last two games, the runner has amassed 478 script yards and a total of six TDs, being the fourth player to ever achieve that feat in the span of two games.

Cook’s performance in Week 9 was filled with standout plays. Some, such as the 70-yard touchdown that he did in the fourth quarter, are statistically remarkable. According to the NFL Next Gen Stats, the projected fast yards on TD is 7 yards, which means Cook has 63 yards to rush faster than expected. This is the fourth time this season that the returning Vikings have hit at least 30 yards more than expected in a bid this season. As of now, no player has had more than two such runs this season (Miles Sanders and Sony Michel each have twice).

“I think the most impressive run for me, out of some, was the flip,” said midfielder Kirk Cousins. “We threw it to him at the end of the game with a corner. And he took the corner and he could rush in to score a goal. That play is not good with that corner. when you have such a great player that someone will miss, it turns out to be a huge profit and it says a lot about Dalvin and his abilities. “

The others won’t appear on the statistics sheet but are of equal importance to the success of the Viking offense. On Irv Smith’s second touch, Cook picked up a key stop as the narrow end passed through the squad to give Cousins ​​room to find Smith in front of the end.

Coach Mike Zimmer said: “Dalvin is a great player because it doesn’t matter to him. “Obviously he wants to hit 200 yards per week but he’ll do all the dirty work … he’ll do everything. That’s why he’s the captain. That’s why. why he comes to work every day. He’s a great leader, he’s full of energy and the people in the dressing room really love him. “

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