Protesters clashed with police briefly at the Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, DC


Protesters took to the streets – sometimes at violence – in cities across the United States for the second night in a row as the 2020 presidential election approached to declare the winner.

Tensions rose at night after the start of a near-peaceful day, with reports of “widespread violence” leading to the National Guard being deployed in Portland, Oregon. Arrests have also been made in Minneapolis and New York City, with the NYPD seizing weapons.

More than 100 events are scheduled nationwide from Wednesday through Saturday, hosted by local partners of Protect Results, an alliance of over 165 grassroots organizations, advocacy groups and federations. labor. The group, led by the Inseparable and Stand Up America activity groups, decided not to host hundreds of additional events as originally planned.

Organizers at ShutDownDC plan more aggressive actions for the week depending on the outcome – whether President Donald Trump wins or if he tries to question the outcome.

“We know this is going to happen,” the campaigning team said in a tweet calling for a rally on Wednesday with hashtags with #DeliverDemocracy and #CountEveryVote.

The Los Angeles Police Department released a citywide tactical warning on Monday “to ensure adequate resources to resolve any incidents that may arise from Election Day activities.” Warning came after the arrest was made on Tuesday night.

Riot declared in Portland, Oregon; National guard is activated

Oregon Governor Kate Brown activated the state’s National Guard to deal with “widespread violence” in Portland, Oregon State Police Lieutenant Tim Fox said late Wednesday in a video posted on Twitter.

At 7 p.m. local time, Fox said there were reports of individuals carrying guns, but those reports have not been confirmed. He added, “Some vandalism has taken place.”

Regional Unified Command, which includes the Oregon State Police, the Portland Police Department and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, advised Brown to activate the Security Force, Fox said.

“We are not taking this decision lightly,” Unified Command said in a statement. “On the governor’s orders, we continue to work together and share our resources and information to address any public safety concerns.”

Law enforcement officers are watching two groups in the area, both of which started out as a march, Fox said.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office reported “extensive damage” and said nine arrests were made. The sheriff’s office also declared a riot.

NYPD: Individuals try to ‘usurp’ the peaceful protest

The NYPD reported more than 20 people “attempting to conduct a peaceful protest by setting fires, throwing trash and eggs in Manhattan” were arrested on Wednesday.

The ministry shared pictures of the fire on Twitter. Late on Wednesday, the NYPD also shared photos of weapons they said were “confiscated at the rallies.”

“Bringing weapons to peaceful protests cannot and will not be tolerated,” the NYPD tweeted. “We are currently working to de-escalate the situation. Anyone caught carrying weapons will be arrested.”

Trump supporters are gathered in Nevada

About 75 people opposing the vote – showing signs, waving flags and wearing Trump shirts – gathered for a brief rally outside the Clark County Election Center in Nevada on Wednesday night, where employees The poll is certifying the 2020 general election ballots.

They chanted “Stop the Steal”, and a man wearing a mask in the shape of an American flag told the camera, “Time to purge.”

There is no evidence that the election was stolen or fraudulently despite baseless attacks on Nevada’s voting system by the president and his campaign.

On Wednesday, multiple Twitter profiles began promoting a #StopTheSteal protest in front of the Clark County Elections Department. The group gathered around 7:30 pm but then started to disperse about half an hour later.

– Ed Komenda, Reno Gazette Magazine

Demonstrators gathered at the Capitol, the election building in Arizona

At least 100 protesters gathered at both the Arizona Capitol and the Maricopa County Election and Tabulation Center, approximately 1.5 kilometers apart in downtown Phoenix.

Protesters angry because Joe Biden led President Donald Trump in the number of votes counted in Arizona, to which the AP news agency has called for Biden, so far and accused of voting issues contributing to the lead him. There is no evidence of that.

At the Capitol, the crowd sang “God Bless America” ​​before Rep. Paul Gosar spoke after 8pm, encouraging everyone to check if their votes were counted on official election websites. or not. At the election center, people wearing and carrying Trump clothes shouted “count your votes” and then knelt and prayed.

At least a dozen delegates from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office were present at the scene, with many standing guard at the entrance to the building.

– Perry Vandell and Kaila White, Republic of Arizona

The arrest in Minneapolis after protesters marched federal

Minnesota State Police and the Minneapolis Police Department arrested protesters on Wednesday after they marched to Interstate 94 and blocked traffic, police announced on Twitter.

A crowd of about 200 marched to the federal state, the Minnesota Patrol Agency reported. The Minneapolis Police Department added areas of the I-94 were closed and updated Twitter followers about the crowd’s location.

The soldiers worked with police station officers to “arrest protesters entering the highway,” the Minnesota Patrol Agency reported.

The Star-Tribune of Minneapolis reported that the march was organized by Twin Cities for Justice 4 Jamar in collaboration with the National Coalition against racism and political recession. The store added that the group finally merged with a second rally.

WCCO-TV’s Jeff Wagner reported that despite the arrests the protesters were “calm on the whole”.

Hundreds gather in downtown Chicago

When night fell in Chicago, hundreds of people gathered in a downtown square to perform “Trump out! People power! “The protest was co-organized by more than a dozen organizations and was considered a” post-election rally “to demand the destruction of police, immigration rights and more.

The group chanted “count every vote!” Some people from the American Federation of Teachers wore t-shirts that read “count every vote.” Some groups hold long banners with the same text.

“We had to count every vote because so many of our people had their rights stolen,” said Amisha Patel, chief executive of Grassbase Collaborative, a Chicago-based labor coalition.

– Grace Hauck

Demonstrators march in Philadelphia, New York

Pennsylvania became the focus of the presidential election, and protesters took to the streets on Wednesday afternoon demanding that every vote be checked.

An ABC News aerial shot of a scene in Philadelphia shows marchers with a banner reading “Count every vote”. President Donald Trump’s campaign on Wednesday filed a request for the Supreme Court of the United States to overturn the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling allowing election officials to count mail ballots received. on November 6.

The Washington Post reported that protesters had gathered near Independence Hall in downtown Philadelphia, with two people holding a banner “Count every vote.”

CNN reported that a similar march, with people carrying the “Count All Votes” banner, was underway in New York.


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Chaos broke out as opponents of the Republican vote wept in Detroit

A chaotic scene erupted outside the polling booth at the TCF Center in Detroit when election officials announced dozens of challengers that they were unable to re-enter the room due to its overcrowding.

People gathered outside the counting area to hit the doors and windows, shouting, “Let us in” and “Stop counting” when only about half a dozen tables went on counting.

The police had to repel the crowd as they argued for permission to enter the counting area. Republicans shouted that they were being unfairly held back, but then Democrats challenged that it was not true because they were also being kept outside.

– Tresa Baldas and Kristen Jordan Shamus, Detroit Free Press

Small groups of peaceful protesters gather in Baltimore, Detroit

About 30 protesters gathered in front of Baltimore City Hall on Wednesday afternoon to protest Trump’s false victory declaration, Baltimore Sun reported. The crowd, led by the Rising Sun Movement, sings songs and hears speeches about the country’s political state.

Organizer Kate Ericksen told the Sun that the group knew the results would remain “up high” as they planned the rally but wanted a place for those in the movement to gather.

In downtown Detroit, Reuters reported about 100 people had gathered for an interreligious event and a march was scheduled on Wednesday morning to ask officials to count all votes and prevent Trump from “stealing the election”.

Demonstrators chanting “stop voting” also gathered outside a convention center in Detroit, according to social media sites shared by reporters.

Contribution: Grace Hauck, Chris Quintana and Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY; Relevant press

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