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America Ferrera ‘Superstar’ Escape: Is Amy and Jonah Parted?

Warning: The following story features spoilers from Thursday’s “Superstore”, “California, Part 2” episode.

Back in February, America Ferrera stunned “Superstore” fans announced her departure from the NBC sitcom. The producer and star were scheduled to make her final appearance on the Season 5 finale, which was upset when the COVID-19 pandemic caused production to stop in the spring.

Instead, the season ends with the last episode they can film: a hopeful filmmaker in which Amy (Ferrera) has a new job with the store̵

7;s parent company in California, and Jonah ( Ben Feldman) offers to give up his life in St Louis and move there with her.

Ferrera – who left the series in pursuit of other projects and spent more time with family – agreed to watch this plot until the fifth episode, the series’ 100th milestone. So how did her character leave the big box retailer Cloud 9, especially since she and Feldman were at the center of the show “Will they or not?” couple Since its 2015 launch?

In tears. Amy and Jonah broke up.

“We wanted it to be a nice goodbye to the character we love, but there is no good way to part with this long love story,” said Owen Ellickson, who wrote the episode. “It will be very heartbreaking, no problem.”

Farewell is a cooperative decision, made with Ferrera and Feldman. “This is the best solution we all come up with together, which feels the most real,” said Gabe Miller co-host.

“We definitely discussed other options, and were even entertained with the idea of ​​them dating long distance. But when we thought about how that would actually play out on the show, it seemed really annoying on viewers to think that Amy was just on the other side of Jonah’s phone calls. And eventually it will go away and we will eventually have to part with the camera, which really doesn’t feel good. ”

It was a long road behind the scenes for a sudden split. As a series that has never shied away from tackling real-world problems like gun control, age discrimination, and immigration, the creators conclude that COVID-19 will be a major storyline throughout. season six.

“When everything closed, we all went home to play these stupid little grocery store workers on TV, while our real-life co-workers stayed to work and become brothers. This desperate frontline hero, ”said Feldman, who became a series producer last year. “It energizes us. We feel like We owe it to these people to tell the right story. “

Last week’s premiere showed how the new coronavirus is testing Amy and Jonah’s relationship. In addition to their own fears of being a shop employee in an unprecedented emergency, Amy’s time is constantly being monopolized by Zoom meetings with the company, not just about secure protocols for Her current role, but her preparation for her new role. That episode spanned many months, reflecting the time that has passed since Jonah and Amy agreed to move to California together.

Amy (Ferrera) and Jonah (Feldman) embraced and looked into each other's eyes

Amy (Ferrera) and Jonah (Feldman) ended Season 5 of “Superstore” with the decision to move to California together.

(Casey Durkin / NBC)

“That period of time, both on the show and in real life, made it more plausible for them to be able to reach the breakup point,” said Jonathan Green, co-host. “It strained their relationship in the same way that the pandemic caused people to rethink priorities and what they want for their future. It makes a lot of people think about a lot of things they took for granted before. So the next time we see them, they’ve changed, just like we’ve all been through during this weird time. “

Besides integrating COVID-19, the script finds Jonah secretly taking one of Amy’s rings to measure it in order to propose. This move led Amy to question their relationship and even if she wanted to remarry.

She explained: “I married Adam because I felt I had to, and that was the wrong thing. “I just feel like this move is pushing us down this path, and I don’t think we’ll talk about marriage if I don’t get this job, do I?”

Jonah, who is giving up her life to follow her across the country, tries to hide her shock by returning the ring to Amy. A previous version of the episode had a more humorous version of cold legs, but Ellickson said a change was needed “to get these two, after years of story together, to break up quickly, in a way that feels earned and real. It has to be something ugly and painful, that really shows the distance between them. “

Amy tries to settle things by suggesting that she might be ready to marry Jonah one day and that they should see how things will turn out while they are in California. He asked her – not as a proposal but a blunt question – if she wanted to marry him. Finally, she replied: “No.”

“When we first met, you told me that all of your days are the same and you feel stuck,” he told her. “And I don’t want to be the reason you feel that way again.”

Jonah (Feldman) and Amy (Ferrera) stood in work clothes in front of a coffee shop.

The relationship between Jonah (Feldman) and Amy (Ferrera) has become strained due to the tension of the pandemic.

(Greg Gayne / NBC)

Feldman and Ferrera, who have not commented on this story, rehearsed these important scenes via Zoom – a rare sitcom filming schedule. Director Victor Nelli Jr said: “When you enter real moments with real emotion in a half-hour comedy, it helps actors relax about what they are saying. ‘Don’t rush on shooting day; We talked about the background, the past, what’s going on and where we are going. We want to capture those lines and make them come true in a concise way so that they don’t feel compelled. ”

The episode’s two major dialogues weren’t finalized until the day of filming, with loads of adjustments and lots of manipulation to get them right. “These are the unique battles in our series, and on set we all felt as if it only needed a little extra ingredients,” said Ellickson. “I appreciate America, because she is the star of the show; She can leave any way she wants. But she’s fine with being a relationship breaker, which I think is the best thing for the series.

Immediately after the breakup, Sandra (Kaliko Kauahi) shouted into the void, “I hate 2020!” Green said the line to any viewer disappointed by this decision: “That’s how we humorously admit, ‘Yes, we know we’ve built this relationship in many ways. season, and [it] is said to be a perfect love story. We know very well how this can cause some division. ”

The last scene Ferrera filmed in the series, in which Amy flashed a smile in a tribute video from her colleagues, happened to be involving the entire cast. “It’s hard; the crew wants to hug but they can’t, and everyone is separated in a mask and plastic shield, sitting apart,” said Nelli, who previously directed Ferrera at the end of the series. “Ugly Betty” said, “But there was one last moment where all the actors gathered in a circle, really thank each other. We cried. It was so beautiful.”

Amy (Ferrera) was applauded by the staff in her final episode on

Amy (Ferrera) was applauded by the staff in her final episode on “Superstore”.

(Greg Gayne / NBC)

The episode closes with people celebrating with drinks and fireworks in the parking lot. Amy and Jonah stopped talking, but instead raised their glasses to congratulate them in silence. “We said goodbye to Amy, and we wanted to wish her good when she left, but we didn’t have time to emotionally bring Jonah there, and that toast was the most he can gather, ”said Ellickson. “It would be dishonest to pretend that it’s not terrible for both of you, that it’s really cool. That only adversely affects the relationships we have built over the years. “

Although the breakup was sad, Ellickson, Feldman and the presenters agreed it was much more satisfying than what was originally planned in April, a week after “California, Season 1”. “I 100% feel that the lack of convenience in the whole process created a more nuanced and realistic story, both on the narrative and on the emotional level,” Feldman said. “I feel very guilty when there is reason to get excited about a deadly pandemic, but in this tiny little corner of the huge coronavirus hellish scene it has become more complete, richer and Much more interesting. “

And if Ferrera wanted to go back to Cloud 9, the store would open. “One thing we liked when Amy left to take a job at the company was that she was still involved in the show’s world, and so it wouldn’t be completely surprising that she kept interacting. with my former colleagues. Miller said. “We love America; She left on very good terms and she talked about wanting to come back sometime. There are no definitive plans yet, but we definitely want her back at some point. ”


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