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Alex Smith will wait until the holidays to decide his future

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Alex Smith is 36 years old. He is signed until 2022 with $ 40 million owed to him over the next two seasons.

If he knew what the future would look like, the Washington midfielder wouldn’t speak.

“Those are the chats for one season,” Smith told JP Finlay of NBCSportsWashington.com. “For me, I like to tie my shoelaces every day. I love to throw helmets every day. I’m having a great time. I didn’t think this would be possible from a distance for a long time. I love going out there and playing and so do me [it’s] about getting ahead and getting better and getting ready to defeat the Giant.

“I know you don’t want to hear that but for sure, there’s plenty of time during the season to clearly think and make decisions like that and you leave it for that time.”

Smith will enter Sunday’s match as a back-up for Kyle Allen, who has replaced Dwayne Haskins after four games. Haskins, the 15th overall pick for 2019, is currently number 3.

Smith is back on the pitch on Week 5, which is 693 days since his horrific leg injury. He scored 9 out of 17 in 37 meters against Rams, which remains his only game action this season.

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