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A doctor ran nearly 22 miles in a mask to prove they were safe

During his run, Tom Lawton used a pulse oximeter to monitor his oxygen levels. Medical equipment that measures the oxygen saturation in a person’s red blood cells and usually clamps it to your finger.
“The mask does not come off at all (no food or drink) – and the oxygen concentration stays at a constant 98% every time I check,” he tweeted last month.

In an online interview with CNN on Sunday morning, Dr. ICU said he wanted to show everyone that wearing a mask is safe and essential to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Top health officials have changed their minds about mask instructions - but for good reason

Health officials urge people to wear masks not only for themselves but also to protect others. This guide has been in controversy over the past few months when people refuse to wear them.

Lawton said: “I was very disappointed because I saw some pictures of people sitting at their desks wearing masks and claiming that the decreased oxygen levels were simply wearing masks.

All your questions about how to wear the mask - have been answered

Validly inspired, Lawton puts on his three-ply fabric mask one day and then runs 8 miles to work while monitoring his oxygen levels. After work, he ran another 14 miles. Although he admits this mask is quite annoying, he says that his oxygen levels have never dropped.

“I don’t think the mask will solve this on its own,” Lawton said. “We need to keep our distance, comply with quarantine, wash our hands and wear a mask.”

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