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5 things to know for November 3: Elections, Covid-19, Eta, Kabul, Vienna

Here’s what you need to know Keep up with the speed and continuity of your day.

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1. Election

As of yesterday, more than 96 million Americans have voted by direct voting and early mailing. Local election officials are hoping the early disintegration really makes today’s proceedings a little smoother.
• Find poll locations, closing times and other information for your state here
There is some concern that the Trump campaign rhetoric about “poll followers”
; could lead to conflict at some polling stations. Here’s the bottom line: Poll watchers cannot interfere in the voting process and their behavior is bound by state regulations. Anyone who threatens a voter is in violation of federal law.
• What people follow the polls and what they do
• What to do if your voting rights have been challenged by a poll follower

There are also rules about what you can wear and how you can act while voting. For example, some states do not allow political dress to be worn at polls. Some states also prohibit taking pictures or have very specific rules about the types of photos you can take and how you can share them. And with all of this going on in a pandemic, the proper voting protocol could now also involve masks, glass barriers, and hand sanitizers.

• Wear nothing to vote
• State guidelines for selfies
• How to stay safe while voting this year
• Can you change your vote?
• How to track your mail ballot
Are you having trouble voting in person? Have you received false information? Share your story at cnn.com/votingissues.

Things to know during the day

As usual, the race could go down a few key states, and this year all eyes will be on Arizona and Pennsylvania. That could mean a delay, as Pennsylvania doesn’t even start counting mailed ballots until Election Day.
• If you are on minute polls, this is your go-to page for the latest election news of the day.
• And you can follow life updates from CNN all day here

Besides who will be president in January, there are many other decisions being made today at the local level, like the accessibility of abortion and the legality of cannabis. Puerto Rico is also voting, but again, it’s possible.

• Summarize yourself on other local and national changes on today’s ballot
• Additionally, customize your election night experience here – by state or specific races – so you can get the information that matters most to you.
Misinformation has always been an issue, but it is especially damaging in days like today. Recently, a video about Joe Biden was viewed 1 million times before it was taken down from Twitter.
• See something suspicious? Check for the latest disinformation debugger

As the results begin to be available, you can see different networks “calling” status for a candidate at different times. Be careful when trying to guess a state’s results by returning early: The way and order the states count the votes can make this candidate look like a candidate is temporarily ahead of another, called “illusion”.

• Here’s how CNN comes up with election predictions
• How to detect the red and blue mirage in the initial results

Things to know in the coming days

If we have a winner on election night or soon after, here’s what happens in the next few months. But in the end, we might be in unexplored territory. Global conflict observers have warned that the US may perceive the “unfamiliar danger” emanating from the electoral process.
If we don’t have a winner on election night, that is the conundrum itself. But remember, it’s not the first time. In 2000, it was not until December – and even a Supreme Court denial – George W. Bush officially declared victory. While some states have their own earlier reporting deadlines, federal law allows states to report ballots until December 8.

So if we don’t know the immediate winner, don’t panic. There is a lot to feel unprecedented about this election, but delaying the outcome is not necessarily one of them.

Don’t forget your mental health

That will be a long electoral process. Don’t feel like you need to be glued to every second of the proceedings. You voted, you did your part, and your anxiety won’t make those votes count any faster.

• Avoid falling into deadly Twitter rolls that last for hours. Sign out and try to focus your mind elsewhere.

• Stay active. Go for a walk, do a little yoga, or get rid of the jitters at a one-person dance party.

• It may sound the opposite of the above, but if you are feeling anxious or sad, allow yourself to have those feelings. Avoiding negative feelings does not make them go away. It just means they will go sideways later. Call your friends, journal or shout politely to the sky.

• Here are 50 other ideas for you to work on during the day, from treating yourself to helping others.

Finally, remember to drink some water. How will that help? Who knows. But we’ll get over this together, and we’ll make it completely hydrated.

2. Coronavirus

France, Germany and Belgium partially halted coronavirus as Europe faced a new wave of outbreaks. The UK and Italy also have plans to further tighten the restrictions. Canada is also being crushed. Three weeks after Canadians celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday, the country is witnessing a nationwide spike in the number of cases. That could mean that Thanksgiving in America could turn out to be a bigger event too.

3. Storm And

It only took Eta a day for Eta to develop from a tropical storm into a powerful Category 4 hurricane. The slow moving and rapidly intensifying storm was expected to make landfall in Nicaragua this morning, causing catastrophic damage.

4. Attack on Kabul university

Gunmen stormed Kabul University in Afghanistan, killing 19 people, including students, before police ended the attack. No group has come forward to accept responsibility. It was the second attack on an educational facility in the city in just over a week after a suicide bomber killed 24 people at another location in late October.

5. Attacking Vienna

At least 4 people were killed and 14 injured in the terrorist attack in Vienna, Austria. At least one gunman opened fire in a crowded area of ​​the city. Police believe there may have been multiple attackers, but one suspect was shot dead by the police who are believed to have been “radicalized”.


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