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2020 election results: Why North Carolina has yet to be called in the presidential race between Trump and Biden

ABC News and the Associated Press have yet to declare the winners of the presidential election in North Carolina.

Many other states have been called – so what exists in the state of the Heel?

Well, here, the race between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden is very close and it is too early to call. This is largely due to absenteeism and temporary votes.

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Trump is just leading Biden about 76,000 votes in North Carolina. Trump has 2,732,084 votes compared to Biden’s 2,655,383. There are 7,361,219 registered voters in North Carolina.


* Counties are highlighted in red or blue when reporting% expected votes reach a set threshold. The threshold varies by state and is based on past ballot reporting patterns and the expectations for how ballot will be reported this year.

There are currently 116,200 ballots that have not been mailed.

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Among them, about 43,000 are registered Democrats, 26,500 are Republicans, and about 45,000 are non-affiliated.

Absence ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day and they are counted as long as they are received by county elections by 5:00 pm November 12. Any ballots arrive after 5:00 pm Mondays are not counted toward the total Election Days.

Provisional ballots are also not counted.

As of 5:00 a.m. on Thursday, the State Election Commission had recorded 22,300 provisional ballots submitted.

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In 2016, State Election Commission Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell said North Carolina had 61,000 provisional votes. Less than half, about 27,000, have been counted.

A voter can receive a provisional ballot if a voter’s registration record is not found, a voter provides an address different from the voter’s registered address, a previously registered voter in the county but the registration was canceled, an election official was unable to determine the voter’s address in the county street lookup record, the voter record indicates that the voter voted in the election or a voter requests to vote at a polling place on Election Day that is not in a voter’s appropriate electoral district.

Those ballots are not processed until they are checked, reviewed and opened at an open county election board meeting.

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State officials have until November 12 to count all remaining ballots.

The county electoral councils will hold their canvass meeting at 11 a.m. on November 13.

For that reason, it is unlikely that a North Carolina winner will be declared before.

When Brinson Bell was asked during a press conference on Wednesday whether there was any movement in the state numbers prior to that date, she said “very few exceptions” would make that happen. .


State Council will meet on November 24 to confirm the election.

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